Open Letter to PA: Bring New PATH Station to Bayonne, not Jersey City

An Open Letter to the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey,

It is great to see that you are undertaking a feasibility study to construct a new PATH station in Jersey City. However, I think you’ll find you’ll be much better suited constructing one in Bayonne.

With four PATH stations and multiple Light Rail Lines and ferries, Jersey City already has ample public transportation options. On the other hand, Bayonne, a peninsula, has limited points of access and only one Light Rail line that is about to be overwhelmed by thousands of new riders from forthcoming developments in town within the next 5 years. This new population boarding in Bayonne will make boarding in Greenville and beyond impossible.

Bayonne’s proximity to Newark would make it fit in seamlessly with PATH’s plans to construct a new station in the Newark Airport/Elizabeth area. Bayonne’s proximity to Staten Island and Brooklyn opens up a wide variety of options for PATH to serve new markets in New York with a population base of millions of potential commuters. The economic impacts on the region would be tremendous.

In conclusion, please consider a feasibility study to bring a PATH line to Bayonne. The benefits will far exceed those of putting in another line in a city with already many viable options.

Michael Embrich
Founder, Bayonne Center for Progress


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